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Valkyrae Biography: Age, Twitch, Net Worth & Real Name

Valkyrae (born 8 January 1992) is the professional name of Rachell “Rae” Hofstetter, an American social media personality, online media gamer, and influencer.

Unlike other female internet gamers, Valkyrae shows uncommon soberness that has assisted her with acquiring unmistakable quality across the web-based video-gaming situation.

She is currently viewed as one of the most conspicuous ‘Fortnite‘ players on the planet. Valkyrae is presently dating an individual from ‘Jerk‘ decoration named SonyD.

Valkyrae Biography

Valkyrae: History, Bio, Photo
Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Rachel Marie Hofstetter
Stage Name: Valkyrae
Born: 8 January 1992 (age 30 years old)
Place of Birth: Washington, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.60 m
Parents: N/A
Siblings: KC Lyn Marie Hofstetter
Husband • Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner: SonyD
Children: N/A
Occupation: Influencer • Media Personality
Net Worth: US$2 million

Early Life

Valkyrae real name is Rachel Marie Hofstetter. She was born and brought into the world on the eighth of January 1992 in Washington, United States.

She isn’t highly aware of the stars family, yet she grew up with her younger sister named KC Lyn Marie Hofstetter.

She is multiracial (White, Hispanic, and Asian). She additionally has a blended nationality as her mom is Filipino. Her father, who passed on in 2017, had German and Spanish roots. Valkyrae age is 29.


Valkyrae started her career with ‘GameStop,’ an American retailer for computer games, purchaser hardware, and remote administrations. She worked there for 18 months, even though she never delighted in working there.

Working with a gaming organization drove Valkyrae to foster an interest in gaming. Immediately she resigned, she started her live streaming.

Valkyrae joined ‘Jerk’ and ultimately turned into a full-time streamer. Her job on ‘Jerk’ took a jump when she began playing ‘Fortnite.’ Soon, Valkyrae accomplished new professional statures.

She additionally partook in ‘Fortnite’s’ spin-off game, ‘Fight Royale.’ Valkyrae‘s dress sense on ‘Jerk’ is somewhat moderate contrasted and other female live decorations on the stage. This became instrumental in acquiring her an immense fan base.

Regardless of this, she was once bugged by one of her ‘Jerk’ watchers. The obscure ‘Jerk’ client consistently spammed misogynist and bigoted remarks coordinated toward Valkyrae until she had an individual visit with the ‘Jerk’ client and took steps to document a body of evidence against him.

Valkyrae has more than 500k followers on ‘Jerk.’ She utilized her income from ‘Jerk’ to care for her mom’s obligations. She plays ‘Fortnite’ in ‘Jerk’ and frequently collaborates with different decorations like Myth, Pokimane, Sonii, and Alexia Raye.

Valkyrae additionally transfers her ‘Fortnite‘ content on her ‘YouTube’ channel. She gathered noticeable quality as a ‘YouTube’ gamer by playing various famous game series, for example, ‘Bloodborne‘ and ‘The Walking Dead‘ (computer game series). The channel currently has north of 421 thousand supporters. She additionally posts pictures on ‘Instagram,’ where she has procured more than 583k followers.

A portion of Valkyrae’s ‘Instagram’ posts have been supported by brands, for example, ‘Gymshark,’ ‘Metropolitan Outfitters,’ and ‘Perpetually 21.’

Valkyrae claims many of the gaming control centres, for example, ‘Xbox One,’ ‘Wii U,’ ‘Nintendo 64,’ ‘Super Nintendo,’ ‘NES,’ ‘GameCube,’ ‘PS2,’ ‘Xbox 360,’ and ‘Unique Xbox.’ However, for the most part, she streams games through her ‘PS4‘ account. As an internet gamer, Valkyrae has gone to social media occasions, for example, ‘Twitchcon‘ and ‘Blizzcon.’

Net Worth

Valkyrae is projected to have garnered an estimated net worth of US$2 million. She makes the majority of her earnings through social media.

Personal Life

Valkyrae is involved with ‘Jerk’ decoration SonyD. They started dating each other in 2016.

Valkyrae loves to watch anime series. Her record-breaking most loved series is ‘Assault on Titan.’ She additionally enjoyed the anime series ‘Fullmetal Alchemist,’ ‘Kill La Kill, Death Note,’ ‘Blade Art Online,’ and ‘Is It Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

  • Twitter: @Valkyrae
  • Instagram: @valkyrae
  • YouTube: Valkyrae