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Vanguard 2020 Full Movie

Last updated on August 24, 2021


Vanguard, is a 2020 United Kingdom Adventure film directed by Stanley Tong, and written by Stanley Tong (screenplay by), Tiffany Alycia Tong. This film features the following stars: Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Miya Muqi.

Vanguard 2020 Full Movie

Covert security company Vanguard is the last hope of survival for an accountant after he is targeted by the world’s deadliest mercenary organization.

Vanguard 2020 Full Movie Cast

Jackie Chan

Chan Kong-sang SBS MBE PMW, known professionally as Jackie Chan, is a Hong Kong martial artist, actor, stuntman, film director, action choreographer, screenwriter, producer, and singer.

Yang Yang

Yang is a Chinese actor. He made his acting debut in the Chinese television drama The Dream of Red Mansions.

Miya Muqi

Muqi is a Chinese actress who has appeared in films such as Kung Fu Yoga, Tomb Robber and The Monkey King 2.

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  1. Melody Blog Post author | March 20, 2021

    Melody blog, you’re the best, you’re doing well. Thumbs up Melody

  2. September 3, 2021

    This is very interested movie

  3. September 4, 2021

    I have not watched it but I know it will be tough,

  4. September 5, 2021

    Here we go 😁😊 my man Jackie

  5. September 6, 2021

    I like Jackie Chan movie oo, this one his carrying gun Hmm,is alright

  6. September 6, 2021

    TVery interesting movie a must watch and very enjoyable to watch

  7. September 7, 2021

    I like jachie Chan movies

  8. September 11, 2021

    I like Jackie Chang movies so much

  9. September 12, 2021

    Chan at one of his best performance ✌🏾✌🏾👏🏾

  10. September 15, 2021

    Bravo 👏👏👏 to Mr melody for the action packed movies,it’s not easy

  11. September 15, 2021

    Jackie Chan movie, I love them all

  12. September 16, 2021

    Don’t mess with Jackie chan or you will get kicked in the ass

  13. September 17, 2021

    I like this movie, having Jackie Chan make the movie more lovely

  14. September 21, 2021

    Exciting performance from Jackie Chan

  15. Henry Ifeanyi Oriaku September 25, 2021

    So so interesting.
    What a nice comeback from Jackie Chan. ✌🏼👍🏼👏🏼🥂

  16. Michael John September 25, 2021

    I like the movie though Jackie chan is now old he is still strong to fight, please are those cars real gold?

  17. September 27, 2021

    Wonderful movie so interesting sha

  18. September 27, 2021

    Wonderful movie so interesting

  19. September 27, 2021

    The film is mind blowing download and watch

  20. September 28, 2021

    Really Cool and interesting too.

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