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How To Verify WhatsApp With USA Number 2021

To verify WhatsApp with USA Number in Nigeria is not an easy task. I google search and found different methods of verifying US WhatsApp from Nigeria, but guess what?

All the methods online didn’t solve my problem, so I carry out different research on my own.

And finally, I got the solution, yes I even used it to verify my own WhatsApp to USA WhatsApp. If you’re here because you want to do the same to your WhatsApp, then I say welcome.

Because today, I will show you how to easily Verify WhatsApp With USA Number here in Nigeria, or another country. Melody Blog

Yes, you need not travel out to get US phone number for verification. All you need to do is to download an app called “Vyke” from AppStore or Google PlayStore.

The app can verify USA WhatsApp from any country, not just Nigeria alone.

Now, let’s proceed

How To Download WhatsApp USA Verifying App

  • Open your “AppStore” or “Google Play Store
  • Search for an app called “Vyke
  • Download it to your mobile phone (iPhone/Android)
  • Open the app and register with your local phone number
  • You’ll receive a confirmation text to activate the app
  • Type in the text as received, and the app will activate.

How To Get USA Phone Number To Verify WhatsApp

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded Vyke app, it’s time to get a USA phone number for WhatsApp verification.

  1. Open the downloaded app “Vyke”
  2. Your profile and details will display
  3. Click “Add number”
  4. Choose a Country > State > City and select the duration (one month)
  5. This’s my own US number +16692087903
  6. After choosing what you want, click “Purchase”

It’s just $0.99. That’s about N700 in Nigeria Naira.

The number you choose automatically belongs to you immediately after purchasing it for one a month.

Verify US WhatsApp with Vyke App

Steps To Verify WhatsApp With USA Number

  1. Download new WhatsApp from AppStore or PlayStore
  2. Or from your old number, click “change number”
  3. Open the WhatsApp and type in that your USA number
  4. WhatsApp will ask if it’s correct, click yes
  5. WhatsApp will connect and sent you a Confirmation code
  6. Open “Vyke” app and copy the code to your WhatsApp and click Verify.

Done. Your WhatsApp will verify with the USA mobile number.


Remember to keep the Vyke app open when verifying the WhatsApp, so you can receive WhatsApp confirmation code instantly without delay.

I also verify my US PayPal Account using this same method and number, it works fine.

I’m yet to try it for Fiverr verification. You can try it and give me feedback. Thanks.