“What I Have Seen In My Life Is Not Something That I Can Share”

“What I Have Seen In My Life Is Not Something That I Can Share”

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has given an update regarding her health challenges and appreciated God for keeping her alive despite battling with an unknown illness.

The actress on Wednesday, took to her Instagram account where she revealed in a video that what she has been through is not something that can be shared with the public.

Though she didn’t reveal the nature of her sickness, she appreciated those who supported her and checked on her during her challenging time.

Abubakar, who broke down in tears, said it was God who saved her from what the devil meant to harm her.

“What I have been through only me and myself can say it. I just want to use this opportunity to thank all those people who have been there for me,” she said.

“Those ones that did not run or reject me, those that did not criticise or judge me because it can be anybody. Well I thank God that what the devil means to harm me, God used it to keep me alive so that I can see, so that I can learn, so that I can be thankful for being alive.

“What I have seen in my life is not something that I can share. My face is actually really badder than this but I just used you know filter but I am not here for pity party.

“I am just here to say God is good, God has saved me and those who I did not understand why they did not check up on me and visit me, I am very very sorry because I did not know I am not just the one with problems, everybody is dealing with one thing. I am here today to say thank you, God bless you. To those who have been there, may God enrich you.”

See the video.

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