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Who Is Heather deForest Crosby, Steven Mnuchin’s Ex-wife

Heather deForest Crosby is a successful American entrepreneur. She was born in 1967 and is currently 55 years old. Heather is most known for her marriage to Steven Mnuchin, a distinguished financial analyst and wealthy businessman and entrepreneur. Steven is most famous for having served as the 77th United States Secretary of Treasury after he was appointed to the position by President Donald Trump on February 13, 2017.

Heather and Steven were married for 15 years before deciding to split in 2014 for reasons not yet revealed to the public. The couple had three children, namely Emma Mnuchin (Daughter), Dylan Mnuchin (Daughter), and John Mnuchin (Son). Since their divorce, both parties have moved on with life, and we are here to tell you how Heather has fared.

Profile Summary of Heather deForest Crosby

  • Full Name: Heather deForest Crosby
  • Year of Birth: 1967
  • Age: 55 years old
  • Education: Hobart and William Smith College, Geneva
  • Occupation: Businesswoman
  • Net Worth: $1 million – $5 million (estimate)
  • Relationship: Divorced (Steven Mnuchin)
  • Children: Emma Mnuchin (Daughter), Dylan Mnuchin (Daughter) John Mnuchin (Son)

Heather was Born and Raised in New York

Heather deForest Crosby grew up in a simple American family. Her father, Henry Ashton Jr., was an English, Latin, and Theatre professor, while her mother, Virginia Duel Crosby, worked as a business director. The lady was born and raised in New York where she graduated from a local high school. She later went to Hobart and William Smith College in Geneva, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History with a minor in Religious Studies in 1989.

Like her former spouse, Heather is a business expert. She has had large executive roles thus far. She served as Vice-Chair of Corporate Media at Launch Media at the time of her wedding in 1999. The firm usually handles music and news. She had begun working for the company that Yahoo Music later purchased in 1998.

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Her Success As A Business Woman

Heather’s first work after graduation was as an office assistant at Bobby Zarrem Inc. She worked as a publicist for several celebrities while at Bobby Zarrem. However, while she was working there on a job that seemed perfect, Heather was constantly under the torture of her CEO and she yearned for a way out. She was fortunate enough to get a position in another firm named Planet Hollywood in San Francisco and thus she relocated to “The City That Knows How.” After some time at Planet Hollywood, she worked as a public relations professional at Launch Media, an internet music, music information, and news firm, where she rose to the position of Vice President for corporate communication.

Heather deForest Crosby is also a yoga enthusiast. She launched her yoga apparel brand called Alanna Zabel. Crosby’s Yoga teacher and friend managed the firm in the early stage. Heather became a full-time Yoga instructor once she retired, then she set up her clothing line, AZIAM. Because Heather is such a generous person, she decided that ten percent of the sales from her apparel line will be donated to the Joyful Heart Foundation. Heather decided to leave her long-time job to raise her children in 2001 and currently, she hasn’t had a significant job since then.

In addition to the aforementioned roles, she also worked at the Joyful Heart Foundation, a humanitarian organization where she served as a board member. As of this writing, the former businesswoman’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million – $5 million.

Insight Into Heather deForest Crosby and Steven Mnuchin’s Marriage

Heather and Steven met in 1999. After a brief romance, they went down the aisle to exchange wedding vows the following year. Their wedding was held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York, under the direction of Cantor Ronald Broden. From their marriage, Heather and Steven welcomed three beautiful children; two daughters and one son. The names of their children are Emma Mnuchin, John Mnuchin, and Dylan Mnuchin. Two of their kids, Emma and John, are fraternal twins. Dylan is the oldest of them.

While Heather deForest Crosby and Steven Mnuchin were together, they were frequently spotted together on public occasions and were always there for one other. As a result, when word surfaced in 2014 that the couple was getting a divorce, folks were perplexed. Steven and Heather divorced after 15 years of marriage. The grounds for the divorce were not made public at the time and it has not been revealed till now. But following the divorce, we learned that Steven was required by the court to pay a substantial sum of money each month for Child Support and Alimony. Though the exact amount was not mentioned, it wouldn’t have much of an impact on him given his vast income.

There is also the little issue of the Marital Property phrase, which states that half of the properties purchased during the marriage must be shared equally between the pair. Heather is as a result believed to have gained some properties from her husband after they split up. She was also awarded custody of the couple’s three children while Steven has visitation access to them.

Heather deForest Crosby, Steven Mnuchin and their 3 children Dylan, Emma and John
Heather deForest Crosby, Steven Mnuchin and their 3 children Dylan, Emma, and John

What Has Heather deForest Crosby Been Upto In Recent Time?

Heather began a connection with Henry Ford after her divorce. The couple have been together since 2017 and are approaching their fourth anniversary. Heather’s ex, on the other hand, also moved on and got married to American actress Louise Linton.

Though Heather deForest Crosby is known to be currently dating David Ford, a business associate, there is no clear description of their relationship. The pair appear to be happy in their relationship, but they haven’t stated whether or not they want to marry anytime soon. Heather has always kept details of her personal life to herself. As a result, virtually little information about her current boyfriend is known.

Be that as it may, there is no reason to suggest that the couple might not be as happy as we believe them to be. For one thing, no such news has spilled because even if that were to be the case, it won’t be hidden for a long time.