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Who Is Marisela Vallejos, Felix Chalino Sánchez’s Wife?

Marisela Vallejos is a Mexican-American celebrity wife. She is the wife of late Mexican singer and songwriter, Chalino Sánchez. The singer’s life was cut short by unknown men who kidnapped and killed him on May 16th, 1992. However, his songs still live on many years after his death, and his wife still receives the reference due for the wife of a talented singer. Read on to find out more about Chanilo’s wife and what life has been like for her, after her husband’s death.

Profile Summary of Marisela Vallejos

  • Full Name: Marisela Vallejos Felix
  • Year of Birth: 1970
  • Age: 52 years old
  • Place of Birth: Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
  • Nationality: Mexican-American
  • Ethnicity: Latin
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Education: N/A
  • Occupation: N/A
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Chalino Sánchez
  • Children: Adan Sánchez (son), Cynthia Sánchez (daughter)

Marisela Vallejos Was Born 52 Years Ago

Marisela was born in Mexicali in Northwest Mexico in 1970, but her exact date of birth is not known. Similarly, there is no detail about the type of family she was born into, or the experiences she had growing up as a child. Also, there is no record about the schools she attended and her academic qualifications.

Marisela Vallejos, whose occupation is also not known, only became famous after her marriage to the popular Mexican singer. At the time they met, Chalino was still trying to make his way into the industry, and he succeeded a few years later. The duo met through Chalino’s cousin while he was working in Los Angeles. After dating for some time, the couple got married. Their marriage happened in 1984 and the singer became a superstar 5 years later in 1989. At the time, Marisela was already pregnant with their first child.

Who Is Marisela Vallejos, Felix Chalino Sánchez's Wife?
Marisela Vallejos

The Couple Built a Happy Family Before Chalino’s Death

Marisela Vallejos and Chalino Sánchez enjoyed their marriage for only nine years before the murder of the entertainer. Their marriage was blessed with two children. Marisela was pregnant with Adan, their first child before their wedding. After they got married, she conceived again and gave birth to Cynthia, their daughter. The family of four was happy and comfortable. The wealth their father made from music was enough to give them a happy life. There are no details about what Marisela was doing at that time, or how she took advantage of her husband’s fame (if at all she did).

Sadly, the joy of the family was cut short on the 16th of May 1992, following the death of the breadwinner of the family. The singer was murdered after receiving a death threat.
He received a letter containing the threat while he was at a show. He became really nervous but chose to give his best to his audience, knowing that anything could happen after the show. When he finished performing, he immediately left the stage and started to head for safety.

He left in the company of his brothers, a cousin, and several young women. On their way, in a Chevrolet Suburban, an unmarked police vehicle intercepted the vehicle he was in, which caused them to move to the side of the road. A group of armed men came out and showed them the state police ID cards, then told Chalino that their commandant wanted to see him. The young man cooperated and followed them in their car.

At about 6 am, Chalino’s body was found by an irrigation canal near Highway 15, close to the neighborhood of Los Laureles, Culiacan. He still had a blindfold on, and there were marks on his wrist as if he had been tied with a rope. He had been shot in the back of the head.

Who Is Marisela Vallejos, Felix Chalino Sánchez's Wife?
Marisela Vallejos’ family

Chalino Is Not The Only Person That Marisela Vallejos Has Lost

A few years after the death of her husband, Marisela Vallejos had to mourn the loss of her only son too. While his death was not a murder, it did not make it any less painful. The young boy had a really bright future, but his dreams were cut short like his father’s.

After the death of his father in 1992, Adan adopted his father’s nickname, Chalino, and started his singing career. Two years after his father’s death, in 1994, he was only ten years when he launched fully into music. In the same year, he recorded his first full-length album titled ‘Soy el Hijo de Chalino’. His fan base was mostly made up of Mexican-American teens. A few years later, the young singer started making history. Adan gave a concert on the 20th of March 2004 and his fan base was growing considerably. He became the youngest headliner and first Regional-Mexican recording artist to sell out the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

Sadly, the young Chalino’s ambition was truncated in an incident that happened when he was on a promotional tour through Sinaloa, Mexico, his father’s home state. He was particularly going to a concert in Tuxpan, Nayarit, Mexico on March 27, 2004. He was on the highway between Rosario and Escuinapa when one of the car tires blew. They rolled into a ditch, and he sustained severe head injuries which led to his death. His loss came as a shock and pain to Marisela Vallejos but yet, she has to move on.

Who Is Marisela Vallejos, Felix Chalino Sánchez's Wife?
Adan Sanchez

What Has Marisela Vallejos Been Up To Lately?

After the death of her husband and son, the bereaved woman decided to retreat from the public completely. Nobody knows what she has been up to, what career path she is on, or whether she ever got married again after her husband’s death. The same goes for her daughter. There has been no news about Cynthia Sánchez, her occupation or career choice, and whether or not she is married.

However, in 2018, Marisela celebrated her American citizenship after pursuing it for about three decades. According to her, she had to go through the process of verifying her stay since she was always in and out because of her sick mother who she was taking care of. She was really excited about becoming a citizen after waiting for so many years.
More so, despite the demise of her husband, Marisela has continued to receive royalties from his music. This has been of great financial benefit to her over the years.