Why I moved my business from South-East to Lagos

Why I moved my business from South-East to Lagos

Famous businessman and socialite, Pascal Okechukwu better known as Cubana Chief Priest has opened up on what made him move his business from the South-East to Lagos.

He revealed, during an interview with BBC Igbo, that the insecurity in the South-East made him relocate his business from there to Lagos.

Cubana Chief Priest. Photo source: Google.

The socialite added that some of the perpetrators of these crimes are usually being aided and abetted by the locals.

Cubana Chief Priest said:

“There is widespread hunger in the South-East. It is our own community members who provide criminals with information.

“Our people began targeting the wealthy, so the wealthy stopped returning home during festivities. That’s why I moved to Lagos to conduct my business.”

Watch the video below:


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