Why you should stop shaming victims of Andrew Ochekwo

Why you should stop shaming victims of Andrew Ochekwo

Popular Nigerian activist, Harrison Gwamnishu kicks against shaming victims of the late organ harvester, Andrew Ochekwo while debunking hookup claims.

This comes amidst the missing two women, Celine Ndudim and Afiba since April 28 after travelling from Port Harcourt to Aba on Andrew’s invitation.

Contrary to rumours, Gwamnishu stated there is no evidence to support claims that the women were “hookup” girls who met the late Andrew Ochekwo for money.

In a post on his Instagram page on June 10, Harrison explained there is no proof that Celine and Andrew discussed money, as some have claimed.

He also mentioned that the WhatsApp message circulating as a conversation between Andrew and Celine cannot be authenticated because it lacks a date.

Celine Ndudim and Afiba Andrew OchekwoCeline Ndudim and Afiba Andrew Ochekwo

From his investigation, Harrison noted that many victims reported Andrew using their phones to communicate with himself. He clarified that Andrew typically targeted working-class women and students, not “hookup” girls.

Harrison on shunning against shaming victims of Andrew Ochekwo


As the body recovered is yet to be identified, please be informed that Celine and Afiba are still missing.

To set the record straight, there is no evidence that Celine Ndudim discussed money with Andrew Ochekwo as the WhatsApp screenshot trending has no DATE.

Some of Andrew victims narrated to me that Andrew uses their phones to communicate with himself.

From findings, Andrew doesn’t go for HOOK UP girls as of his victims I personally interviewed are mostly students and working class girls.

He befriend his victims before inviting them and from his social media posts, pictures and videos, Andrew Ochekwo’s appears as a responsible man.

The continued narrative that they are hook up girls is demeaning.

Before Celine left Portharcourt, she pleaded to Afiba to go with her to visit a Facebook friend she met for over two years. Their friend can attest to this.



Why you should stop shaming victims of Andrew Ochekwo - Harrison GwamnishuWhy you should stop shaming victims of Andrew Ochekwo - Harrison Gwamnishu

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