1. Samuel Udo says:

    This is amazing and very interesting…. I would love to download the movie. The great and perfect fact of it is that, it’s a new film and best movie of the year so far. So great

  2. Lexzy Gold says:

    Our problem is that we choose to deny love. In fact, we only have one problem: that our mind chooses

  3. Nura Takili says:

    So attractive and so special the movie is good and thx for the update

  4. Ibrahim wahab says:


  5. Joseph Ochijenu says:

    This movie never got me tired of watching, always makes me happy and interesting

  6. jesse folse says:

    I love the movie so much I have learnt a lot from the movie so much Interesting movie to watch

  7. Oyeyemi pelumi says:


  8. Obaro Uwuseba says:

    Thanks to the script writer for this movie.

  9. Oke Uwuseba says:

    Horror movie not really me bcuz I don’t think it’s exits.

  10. femi moses says:

    You are the best melody blog . love your movie update

  11. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Abeg find the right turn

  12. Olawoye Olaitan says:

    Kinda scary but I like the movie

  13. Ukamaka Marylinda says:

    The wrong turn is truly an amazing movie

  14. Emmanuel Nwakpuda says:

    The actions of this movie 🍿🍿🍿

  15. Faruk Afolayan says:

    Wisdow full option

  16. manyor ovat says:

    I love this movie

    1. Nwobasi Chikamso Nnabuife says:

      I really love this movie

  17. Junior Iyke says:

    Just like I love this movie

  18. Emoabino Luqman says:

    Thanks thanks Melody for this movie update. I will doelwnload it soon.

  19. Boniface Francis says:

    Great one here, I really like it

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