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‘You Don’t Have My Money’ – Simi Tells Adekunle Gold

Abdul-rahmon Mubarak

Nigerian celebrity couple Adekunle Gold and Simi have yet again displayed their sense of humour and goofiness on Twitter, with the latter saying the former cannot pay her dues.

Adekunle Gold had asked if she would do a dope ass cover for him, if he releases the instrumental for his latest single ‘Young Love’

Responding, the songstress said her husband cannot afford to pay her.

See a screenshot of the tweet below:-

‘You Don’t Have My Money’ – Simi Tells Adekunle Gold

Earlier this year, Simi reacted to a video of a couple, wherein the man rapped about his partner’s makeup tutorials.

Reacting, Simi teased her husband saying the guy in the video doesn’t have two heads, and Adekunle Gold can not rap.

“@adekunleGOLD pls does he have 2 heads? Small rap, you can’t rap.”

Responding to Simi’s tweet, Adekunle told her to either accept that he’s a fantastic singer or go with the rapper in the video.

He wrote,

“Either you accept that I am just a fantastic singer or go and meet J cole. pick one.”

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  1. She Just Want To Test Her Husband To Know What He May Be Able To Do, That Is Why She Said That

  2. Diepriye Daniel

    How can she say that to her husband, she wants to test his loyalty or what

  3. Diepriye Daniel

    This is how some marriages end, she can’t just stay and except whatever that’s comes

  4. Diepriye Daniel

    Some women us there own hands to destroy there marriages things like this shouldn’t be happening

  5. Oluwatobiloba Okusaga Oluwatobiloba Okusaga

    which kind news be this one…how can simi say such, please if na play stop am and give maximum respect to your man.

  6. Afolabi Sulton

    Lol, Simi is just being Sarcastic, that’s how she tweet often times. Two lover birds

  7. Is not all things they said you will take it a serious issue because atimes they say something to know how people will react on it or says about that, but this must be a joke, thanks

  8. Since they are still in the music industry, nobody can limit the wealth of other person because they were still in making money. Stop so bee.

  9. Franca Emeruom

    There’s always moment to crack jokes. This is one of that moment. Simi was just joking! that’s what I see.

  10. This is just two lover playing twin by moon light, there is room for this kind of stunts and i think is good for the two love bird.

  11. Babatunde Olayinka Babatunde Olayinka

    People should just live this Romeo and Juliet abeg. Let’s hope there love story does not end like others


    Both of you Similar and Adekunle Gold,you are singing , reigning as well as you are an adult,play maturity now. We don’t need this in the music industry. Try to control your temper because of your fans.

  13. That’s unfair she shouldn’t have said that in the first place. Kinda sounded disrespectful I must confess

  14. Adesida Adeyemi

    Talking of who is more richer I don’t think that should be a problem each of them knows their net worth and from their one can tell who is more richer than the other

  15. Muibat Agbeke

    I love similar and adekunle but I can’t believed similar is as rude as this to her husband.which money do you have that can stand as husband for you? Or you don’t love him?

  16. Josephat Uchechukwu

    Yes you are right Simi. What she’s jokingly saying is that Adenkule Gold her hubby can’t out pay her. There is no limit to what she can collect.

  17. Ethel Clara

    It’s fun how they tease eachother on social media… I kinda like that.

  18. May Jesukolade Jeremiah

    Simi should know that adekunle Gold is really a very good guy since the onset of their relationship, more Grace to them

  19. This is unfair, you don’t talk to your man like that, if she is testing him, I’ll advise she don’t do that again


    Women women women.well it is not good to proud in the presence of your husband no matter what you humble

  21. I think this would not lead the two Nigeria celebrity to quarrel this is what American people call misunderstanding.

  22. Adesida Adeyemi

    “You don’t have my money ” coming from simi to Adekunle gold must be a joke because if its real it could strike a clash between the two of them so I don’t think she really mean that

  23. But wait o. How will wife be telling husband that her hubby is not having her money. This is really ridiculous to me. Maybe she a joking.

  24. I think they are just kidding, they obviously are
    I love this couple seriously by the way and they are doing fine

  25. Simi is a naughty head trying to joke with her husband. Can she stand him. This couple are trying to play prank at us. Just catching fun.

  26. Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi

    Reacting, Simi teased her husband .thats just too romantic..

  27. Maybe this is her teasing her husband, she maynt really mean them, I think she loves him but she shouldn’t try to provoke her husband because he may not see it as a joke from his own perspective

  28. hahahahaha….this is obviously a joke. They are use to playing love online like this. I believe both of then are just catching fun

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