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In simple terms, NairaLenders Review is another MMM (Ponzi scheme). So be careful. And if you cannot refer your friends and family, then don’t register. Because they’ll never pay you without you referring.

After you register and make payment of N1500 to activate your account. Click on “Cashout”, below is what they’ll tell you;

“You must have up to 5 points to cash out bonus. Please invite your friends to Youth Power to earn points. You get 1 point for every person you invite”

NOTE: is now Review

NairaLenders Nigeria is a peer to peer donating website. Like to MMM, a Ponzi scheme.

Students, unemployed and working class can register on the website with N1,500. You’re given N30,000 bonus for registration. But you cannot cash it out without referring at least 5 people.

And after registering with N1500, you still need to donate help to another member to enable you to get help.

Is that not nonsense? And the smallest you can donate is N10,000.

This type of website is not for people like me, I dislike anything referring. Especially this one that’s exactly as MMM.

How many Nigerians will register on such website? After what MMM Nigeria has done to them.

How Does Works?

It works as a circle. Members donate money to each other. You register and donate to another member. The same way someone will register and donate to you.

How To Register On

  1. Visit their website here
  2. Click “Register”
  3. Fill the online registration form with your correct details
  4. Remember to enter your working email and phone number.
  5. Then click “Signup”
  6. That’s it

Next thing is to verify your email address and your phone number. Then log in and activate your account.

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How To Activate Your NairaLenders Account

After registration, follow the steps below to activate your account.

  1. Visit the website and log in to your account
  2. Then click “Verify Account”
  3. You will be merged with another member
  4. Click “Pay Now”
  5. Then pay N1500 into the member account
  6. Now upload proof of payment
  7. Call the member to inform him/her to confirm your payment
  8. That’s it

Your account will activate when the other member confirms your payment.

NairaLenders Login

You can proceed to log in after registering and activating your account. You will see the 30,000 registration bonus on your dashboard.

But you cannot cash it out yet. And you cannot request to get help yet.

How To Earn Money On NairaLenders

As a registered and activated member, you have two ways to earn money from NairaLenders;

  1. Refer 5 people to enable you to cash out the 30,000 bonus
  2. Provide help to other member and get help in return.

I have registered with them, and that’s the reason am able to write this review. After registering, I decided not to continue. Because I find the platform to be nonsense.

Now imagine this by yourself.

If you need someone to Create such a website for you. Message me on WhatsApp 07066669835. I can design such website within 3 days.

You paid 1500 to register, and you still need to provide help again to enable you to get help.

Haba. That’s like collecting double money from me when I don’t even know if the platform is trustworthy.

And their smallest provides help is N10k. My brothers and sisters, this Buhari time I cannot waste my money.

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NairaLenders Support

Their support is not working. Or let say they don’t care about their members. No support phone number to call. And the support email displayed on their website is not working.

I registered and send a mail to the email, believe me till date no reply from them. More than 4days now.

Let me ask.

Will you like to register on a platform that has no support? What if you need some help, there’ll be nobody to help.

See what their support email looks like And they want to collect two (2) money from me before giving me one (1). Review


I’m not here to condemn them. I’m only giving a full review base on my experience with them. So it’s left to you. Decide to register now or not.

Please if you have registered with them. Kindly drop your experience here using the comments box below. People will love to read your own experience. Thanks


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