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  1.' Martins Joel Olayemi

    I hate this f*cking damn site called nairalender. I lend out 5thousand the first time and instantly when i make the screeshot of the transaction i made and press paid, my wallet was added with 7500 and i was so happy, i then try lending more(20,000) and i was paired with 4 people,after i make the payment and give out screenshots, my wallet was 37,500, hoping i will cash out and enjoy myself…now i stated looking for a way to cash out by referring a friends…i was still on it while my account got suspended and i had to wait for one, i waited to one good month again and it got suspended again because i wanted to lend out but i found out that this platform is f*cking nonsense o i step back and they had to suspend me because i press the i can’t pay, now I’m supposed to be unsupended today 8:15 of April 2019 but they didn’t….i don’t know what to do at this moment…please if there is any way i can fix this, i need help and i won’t advice anybody to join this platform called nairalender, i have a proof if you think I’m lying…07053581459 that’s the number i used in registering…

    • I guess you didn’t read my review about them before you register. I have mentioned it that they’re nonsense. Sorry for your lost..

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