Zfancy blasts Lord Lamba, others accusing him of being a ritualist

Zfancy blasts Lord Lamba, others accusing him of being a ritualist

Popular prankster, Zfancy lambasts his colleague, Lord Lamba in a recent Instagram Live session for asking if he is a ritualist following recent allegations.

Gistreel reported that a fashion designer had Zfancy of being a ritualist, narrating her narrow escape while pleading for the release of her friend.


During a recent Instagram Live session, Lord Lamba explained that he wasn’t in the country when he heard the reports and had sent people to check on Zfancy, but without success.

He also mentioned that the police were reportedly involved in the situation, prompting him to ask Zfancy directly if he was a ritualist.

Zfancy, visibly triggered by the question, dismissed it as useless, challenging Lamba if he had ever seen him involved in any ritual activity since they’d known each other.

He called Lord Lamba and everyone else “crazy,” issued a stern warning to stop asking him such questions, and ordered Lamba out of his Live session.

Netizens in the comment section believed the scenario was staged.

Check out some reactions below

maheel_kbj said: “This guy dey stage anything 😂 AGBA STAGER 🙌”

officialdjrozay wrote: “This guy just behave like all those 419 people wey Dey call people for verification code when u catch am him go come Dey aggressive Dey insult you join 😂😂”

sheddyofthegoodlife wrote: “See person weh no gree go court for him daughter… na for live video dem see you. Onura 😂”

monibrass said: “Film, photo, acting ! No be juju be that ?😂😂”


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